About TW Custom
TW Custom Inc. is a company by windsurfers for windsurfers, developing solutions overlooked by the industry.

A life hanging in the wind

Early on TW Custom created sidecut on assymetrical snowboards, preceeding alpine carving with ten years. Also then top olympic athletes (like Aamodt and Kjus) where steadfast against changing anything that worked for them while already winning. Parallel edged windsurfboard shapes where developed in 2004 and short batton wavesails for Gaastra in 2007. We started using skinny booms in 1998 and stiffer continous neoprene footstraps in 2001. Later coldwater wavesailing got stiffer straps due to thicker boots, at the same time recognizing that high straps made it easier to edge the board while high speed bottomturning. Assymetrical harnesslines came late in 2010. Until now many brands have been taking advantage of TW ingenuity. Now we start our own enterprise. The Hip Harness was secretly patent pending in 2015 and in July 2020 the world wide Hip harness patent is secured. Ensuring financial stability.

We leave beachball inflatable technology to others and focus on you. Because we are you and you need what we need. A new harness.

We call it the HIPSTER HARNESS.
Patent PDF for Hip HarnessHarald Bjelke - Tenden Law Firm, IPR Attorneys

The Hip Harness Patent was undertaken in 2015. Click here to read more about the patent, where it precides and how the original Hip Harness looks much like the latest development.

We call it the HIPSTER HARNESS. We profoundly believe this will change your life as a windsurfer or as a kiter. Leave muscle and back pain problems behind and prolong your career by decades.

Our Philosophy

Let them eat cake
"Qu'ils mangent de la brioche"
― Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France during the French Revolution!
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