Recycled harness for wind, kite and foil surfing

Hip harness

For those who want balance while windsurfing or kiting there is finally a solution. A new harness, The HIPSTER, is designed to center load transfer on upper part of the thigh, also know as Femur or Trochanter Major. There you have it, that's the secret.

For years windsport enthusiasts have been using 20-30 year old solutions for transferring load between board, rig and body. Identifying the rig as motor, load transfer was done by inferior solutions like various Waist harness and the Seat harness solutions. It has been a fight for everyone to keep their harness from riding up or retaining body movement when strapping around legs in sofa resembling seats. So we created the Hip harness.

TW Custom engineers identified the body as the motor using gravity and wind as fuel. Load transfer between body and rig is ideally done at the center of bodymass namely Trochanter Femur, top of Femur, also known as your thigh. Suddenly your arms can rest, the rig delivers 10% more power and your legs feel longer. For seasoned sailor this makes the board miraculously wider, beginners feel the fun immediately and go at it with a spirit we have long been missing. We made it possible with The HIPSTER.

Patent PDF for Hip HarnessHarald Bjelke - Tenden Law Firm, IPR Attorneys

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